The Best Non Toxic Baby Bottles 2024

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As a parent, you want the best for your little one. After all, they deserve only the highest quality and safest products available. When it comes to feeding your little child, using non toxic baby bottles is essential for their health and growth. 

With so many options available, how do you decide which bottle suits your child? In this blog post, I will discuss what makes a good baby bottle and provide our top picks of the best non toxic baby bottles on the market today.

According to a study conducted at Washington State University, plastic can leach substances at room temperatures and above, and it also breaks down over time. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use non plastic baby bottles. Fortunately, there are plenty of non-toxic baby bottles available in the market. 

What to Look for in a Non-Toxic Baby Bottle?

When shopping for the best baby bottles, there are a few key factors to remember.

Types of plastic free baby bottles: The material of the bottle is crucial. Opt for bottles made of glass, stainless steel, or silicone – these are generally considered safer options.

  • Glass bottles are the most classic, non-toxic choice. They are easy to clean and do not leach any harmful chemicals. However, they can be heavy and are prone to breaking.
  • Stainless steel bottles are durable and lightweight. They maintain temperature well and do not leach chemicals. However, they can be pricier than other options.
  • Silicone Bottles are light and unbreakable. They are soft and can mimic the feel of a mother’s breast, making it easier for the baby to transition from breastfeeding.

Hidden dangers for babies: The bottle you choose should be BPA-free. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical used in making certain types of plastics that can leach into food or beverages. 

Exposure to BPA has been linked to potential health effects in fetuses, infants, and children, including on the brain, behaviour, and prostate gland. BPS (Bisphenol S) is often used as a substitute for BPA, but studies have shown that it can also harm human health.

Microplastics: These are tiny plastic particles found in food and beverages, including formula or breast milk. They can also be present in plastic baby bottles, as they break down over time. These microplastics have been linked to potential health risks, so it’s best to avoid them when possible.

Lead-free: Lead is a toxic metal found in some plastic baby bottles. It is essential to note that exposure to lead can be extremely harmful, particularly for infants and young children. Look for bottles that are specifically labelled as lead-free.

Non-Toxic Nipples:

  1. In addition to the material of the bottle itself, consider the material of the nipple.
  2. Look for non-toxic options such as natural rubber or silicone.
  3. Avoid latex nipples, as they can cause allergic reactions in some babies.

Nipple Flow and Design: Another critical factor to consider is the flow of the nipple. This will depend on your baby’s age and feeding habits, so it may be helpful to have various nipple flow options on hand.

The nipple design should mimic the transition from breast to bottle, making feeding time less stressful for the baby. Look for a nipple design that is wide and flat on the sides.

Bottle Size: Consider the size of the bottle and how much it holds. It’s always a good idea to have a few different sizes on hand as your baby grows and their feeding needs change.

Compatibility with Breast Pump: If you plan on breastfeeding and pumping, ensure the bottle you choose is compatible with your breast pump. This will make it easier to transition between breast and bottle feeding.

Venting systems: Bottles with venting systems can prevent babies from swallowing air, reducing gas and discomfort.

Easy to clean: The bottle should be easy to disassemble and clean. Some bottles have many small parts that can be hard to clean and reassemble.

Other Features: Some other features to look for when choosing a non-toxic baby bottle include anti-colic vents, easy-to-read volume markings, and dishwasher-safe options. It’s also important to consider the shape and design of the bottle – choose one that is comfortable for both you and your baby to hold.


The 12 best non toxic baby bottles or eco-friendly baby bottle alternatives

Once you know what to look for, finding the best non-toxic baby bottle is the next step. I have done the leg work and research for you and have my top recommendations for the best non-toxic baby bottles.

Best Glass Baby Bottles

These glass bottles have an ergonomic shape and come with slow flow nipples, making them great for newborns.

Lifefactory 9-Ounce Glass Baby Bottle 


Lifefactory’s Glass Baby Bottle is a standout in non-toxic baby bottles. Its innovative design incorporates a BPA-free glass bottle with a protective silicone sleeve, making it a reliable and safe option for parents seeking plastic free baby bottles.

The bottle’s glass construction ensures the preservation of milk’s nutritional quality, avoiding the risk of plastic-related chemical leaching. The silicone sleeve offers a secure grip, reducing the chances of unwanted slips and breaks— a common concern when using glass products.

Moreover, this bottle stands out for its exceptional durability. After several months of regular use, the bottle has remained resilient with no indications of wear, even after countless sterilizations.

However, there are a couple of caveats. The bottle tends to be heavier due to its glass construction, and the nipple flow can be slow for some babies. That being said, these are minor trade-offs considering the overall quality and safety features.

In conclusion, among the other best glass baby bottles, this is a top-tier choice for those searching for the best non toxic baby bottles. It offers a safe and durable option that withstands the test of time, justifying its slightly higher price point.

Reasons to Buy

  • BPA-free glass construction
  • Protective silicone sleeve
  • Durable and long-lasting

Reasons to Avoid

  • Heavier than plastic bottles
  • Slow nipple flow for some babies

Brown’s Natural Flow Anti-Colic Options+ Wide-Neck Glass Baby Bottles


Dr. Brown’s Wide-Neck Glass Baby Bottles are another excellent contribution to the range of best non toxic baby bottles. Developed with innovative vent technology, they impeccably address colic, spit-up, burping, and gas, promoting a comfortable baby-feeding experience. The high-grade borosilicate glass construction manifests robustness while ensuring a plastic-free feeding environment.

From personal experience, these bottles have been an absolute game-changer, significantly reducing our little one’s feeding discomfort. They are easy to clean and sterilize despite the vent system involving a few extra pieces. The wide-neck design facilitates efficient filling and cleaning—a definite plus for busy parents.

However, the bottles are relatively tall, which might not fit in some standard warmers or sterilizers. Also, the vent system, though helpful, can be complex to assemble for new users.

In conclusion, Dr. Brown’s Glass Baby Bottles stand out as one of the safest baby bottles for tongue tie, successfully combining functionality with safety. 

Despite minor inconveniences, their remarkable performance in reducing feeding discomfort makes them a worthwhile investment for parents seeking plastic free baby bottles.

Reasons to Buy

  • Innovative vent technology for comfortable feeding
  • High-quality glass construction
  • Easy to clean and fill due to wide-neck design

Reasons to Avoid

  • The tall design may not fit in standard warmers or sterilizers
  • Vent system can be complex to assemble for new users

Evenflo Feeding Glass Premium Proflo Vented Plus Bottles for Baby 


Evenflo Feeding Glass Premium Proflo Vented Plus Bottles are an excellent addition to the collection of non toxic baby bottles. The glass construction ensures a plastic-free feeding experience, while the Proflo venting technology reduces the risk of colic, reflux, and fussiness. As a parent prioritizing safety and quality, my experience with these bottles has been positive.

The Evenflo Glass Bottles are well-balanced in design and easy to hold, and the wide neck allows for effortless filling and cleaning. The silicone Proflo venting disc fits into the bottle top, ensuring a controlled flow and reducing the air swallowed during feeding. From my personal experience, these features significantly eased our feeding routine.

However, due to their glass construction, these bottles are heavier than their plastic counterparts, which might be difficult for some babies to hold. Additionally, the venting disc, while beneficial, adds an extra step in the cleaning process.

In conclusion, the Evenflo Feeding Glass Premium Proflo Vented Plus Bottles are a commendable choice among non toxic baby bottles. Their innovative design, combined with their plastic-free construction, makes them a worthy contender in your search for the best baby-feeding products.

Reasons to Buy

  • Proflo venting technology for reduced discomfort
  • Plastic-free, glass construction
  • Wide-neck design for easy filling and cleaning

Reasons to Avoid

  • Heavier than plastic bottles
  • Extra cleaning step due to venting disc

Philips AVENT Natural Glass Baby Bottle


The Philips AVENT Natural Glass Baby Bottle is another stellar addition to the plethora of non-plastic baby bottles available today. Its borosilicate glass construction ensures a non toxic and safe feeding experience for babies. 

What sets this bottle apart is its unique comfort petals inside the nipple that increase softness and flexibility, reducing nipple collapse for uninterrupted feeding.

From my personal experience, these bottles have been a boon. Their ergonomic shape makes it easy for the baby and parents to hold. The wide neck design simplifies the cleaning process significantly. The anti-colic vent technology is practical, reducing our baby’s discomfort during feeding.

However, like other glass baby bottles on the market, these are heavier than plastic bottles, which could be a potential issue for some babies. The flow can also be too fast for some newborns, but they have different nipple sizes available for different flow rates.

In conclusion, the Philips AVENT Natural Glass Baby Bottle is an exceptional choice for parents seeking the best non-toxic and plastic free baby bottles. Despite minor drawbacks, the overall performance and safety features make it a valuable addition to your baby’s feeding routine. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Borosilicate glass for a plastic-free feeding
  • Wide-neck design for easy cleaning
  • Anti-colic vent technology for less discomfort

Reasons to Avoid

  • Heavier compared to plastic bottles
  • Some babies might find the flow too fast

POTATO Glass Baby Bottles


The POTATO Glass Baby Bottles are a striking alternative to non-toxic baby bottles. It is manufactured from high-quality borosilicate glass. These bottles align with the demands of eco-conscious parents.

What impressed me the most were the heat and thermal shock-resistant properties of the bottles – they can be transferred from freezing temperatures straight to boiling water without the risk of breakage. 

The anti-colic valve integrated into the nipple design efficiently helps reduce air ingestion during feeding, contributing to less digestive discomfort for our little one.

Regarding usability, the bottles come with a wide-neck design, making the filling and cleaning chores a breeze. The silicone sleeve provides a good grip and added breakage protection. 

However, these bottles are heavier than plastic ones, a common attribute of glass bottles, which might be challenging for some babies to hold. Also, the measurements on the bottle can be hard to read, especially in low light.

In summary, the POTATO Glass Baby Bottles are a great pick in the non toxic baby bottles category. A few minor design tweaks could enhance the user experience, but overall, they are a reliable choice for parents wanting the safest options for their babies.

Reasons to Buy

  • High-quality, heat-resistant borosilicate glass construction
  • Anti-colic valve to reduce air ingestion
  • Wide-neck design facilitates easy cleaning
  • Equipped with protective silicone sleeve

Reasons to Avoid

  • Difficulty in reading measurements

Best Stainless Steel Bottles

Klean Kanteen Kid Kanteen Wide Mouth Single Wall Stainless Steel Baby Bottle 


The Klean Kanteen Kid Kanteen Stainless Steel Baby Bottle is a fantastic plastic free option for non-toxic baby feeding bottles. Crafted with food-grade stainless steel, this bottle offers durability and eco-friendliness for parents prioritizing safety and sustainability.

From my personal experience, the bottle’s wide-mouth design has made both filling and cleaning remarkably straightforward. The double vent nipple has been a great feature, too, helping to reduce air intake and minimize colic issues for our little one.

The bottle’s robust construction ensures longevity, and it has withstood the test of time in our home. Nevertheless, it could heat up or cool down quickly depending on the surrounding temperature, which isn’t always ideal for a baby’s comfort. Also, it needs the measurement markings found on most baby bottles, which can make it challenging to gauge the exact amount of milk.

To conclude, this stainless steel baby bottle is a worthy investment for parents seeking non-toxic, sturdy, and best baby bottles. While it has minor drawbacks, its overall performance, sustainability factor, and longevity make it a valuable must-have in your baby’s feeding collection.

Reasons to Buy

  • BPA-free, food-grade stainless steel construction for safety and durability
  • Wide mouth design for easy filling and cleaning
  • Double vent nipple designed to reduce colic

Reasons to Avoid

  • Rapid temperature changes due to stainless steel composition
  • Absence of measurement markings

Pura Kiki infant bottle


The Pura Kiki infant bottle truly stands out in the arena of the best non-toxic baby bottles. Fabricated from medical-grade stainless steel and equipped with a natural rubber nipple, this bottle promises a 100% plastic-free feeding journey for your baby.

These bottles are made of medical-grade stainless steel and come with non toxic baby bottle nipples made of rubber. They can also be converted into sippy cups and straw cups as your baby grows.

My experience with the Pura Kiki has been overwhelmingly positive. The bottle is versatile and can be adapted to your growing child’s needs by switching out nipples and converting them to a sippy cup or straw cup. This feature certainly provides longevity and excellent value for money.

One unique feature that I found particularly useful is the internal volume markings, which ensure accurate measurements for feedings. Also, the wide-mouth design and minimal components make the cleaning process simple and efficient.

However, like other metal bottles, the Pura Kiki tends to get hot or cold quickly based on the temperature of the liquid within, which can sometimes be discomforting for the baby. Additionally, the silicone sleeve, while providing a better grip and extra protection, tends to attract dust and lint.

In conclusion, the Pura Kiki infant bottle is a highly recommended, non-toxic, plastic free baby bottle. Despite a few minor drawbacks, its versatility, safe materials, and ease of cleaning make it an ideal choice for health-conscious parents.

Reasons to Buy

  • Medical-grade stainless steel 
  • Versatile design grows with your baby, converting to a sippy or straw cup.
  • Easy to clean with minimal components and a wide-mouth design.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Prone to rapid temperature changes.
  • Silicone sleeve tends to attract dust and lint.

Silicone Baby Bottles

Comotomo Baby Bottle


The Comotomo Baby Bottle is the most admired option for the best silicone baby bottles. Designed to mimic breastfeeding to help avoid bottle rejection and nipple confusion, it has made our transition from breast to bottle significantly smoother.

The wide-neck design of the bottle makes cleaning a breeze – no need for a special brush. The bottle is made entirely of heat-resistant silicone, which gives it a soft and skin-like texture that my baby took to instantly. 

Furthermore, the dual anti-colic vents ensure good air circulation in the bottle, reducing the chances of colic and gas. Nonetheless, there are a couple of minor drawbacks. The silicone material, though very soft and flexible, means the bottle can be a bit wobbly and prone to tipping over when not filled with milk. Also, the measurements on the bottle are relatively easy to see, especially in dim light.

Reasons to Buy

  • Mimics breastfeeding to prevent bottle rejection and nipple confusion.
  • Easy to clean due to the wide-neck design.
  • Dual anti-colic vents help reduce colic and gas.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Silicone material makes the bottle slightly unstable when not filled.
  • Measurements on the bottle are difficult to read in dim light.

Olababy Gentle Silicone Baby Bottle


The Olababy Gentle Silicone Baby Bottle is a lifesaver for parents seeking a seamless transition from breastfeeding. Made from 100% toxin-free food-grade silicone, this bottle is one of the top contenders for BPA-free baby bottles, providing your little one with a safe and healthy feeding experience.

In my view, the Olababy bottle’s standout feature is its innovative off-centre nipple design that mimics the natural breastfeeding flow, reducing the chance of bottle rejection. This bottle also has an integrated dual-venting anti-colic system that helps reduce unwanted air intake.

Cleaning the Olababy is a breeze, thanks to its wide-neck design. Plus, it’s heat-resistant, so it’s safe to boil, sterilize, microwave, and freeze. However, the bottle’s soft silicone material makes it prone to tipping over when not filled with milk, a minor issue I’ve faced. Moreover, the off-centre nipple design might need some getting used to for the baby.

To conclude, the Olababy Gentle Silicone Baby Bottle is an excellent choice for parents looking for a safe, natural feeding solution for their babies. Despite its minor drawbacks, its high-quality material and thoughtful design make it a valuable addition to your baby care essentials.

Reasons to Buy

  • 100% toxin-free food-grade silicone ensures safe feeding.
  • Off-centre nipple design replicates natural breastfeeding flow.
  • Easy to clean and heat-resistant.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The soft silicone material can make the bottle unstable when empty.
  • The off-centre nipple design might require an adjustment period for the baby.

Nanobebe Flexy Silicone Baby Bottles


The Nano Baby Bottles are an excellent choice for infants, providing a breastfeeding-like experience that makes transitioning between breast and bottle feeding easier. 

I found this 100 % silicone, making them not only soft and flexible but also one of the best non toxic baby bottles available. They are designed with advanced, triple-vented anti-colic ducts to prevent colic, gas, and reflux effectively.

Cleaning these bottles is no hassle due to their wide-neck design, and they are dishwasher safe, which saves precious time for busy parents. However, I found the bottle’s round shape more challenging to grip than others, and the measurement marking could be more visible.

In conclusion, the Nano Baby Bottles are a superior choice for plastic free baby bottles. Despite minor drawbacks, they offer a safe and comfortable feeding experience, making them a valuable addition to the baby feeding routine.

Reasons to Buy

  • Advanced anti-colic system aids in digestive comfort.
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The round shape can be difficult to hold while feeding.
  • Measurement markings are not easily visible.

Boon NURSH Reusable Silicone Baby Bottles with Collapsible Silicone Pouch Design 


The Boon NURSH Reusable Silicone Baby Bottles are a standout choice for parents seeking non plastic baby bottles. These bottles feature a unique collapsible silicone pouch design that reduces air ingestion, making feeding more comfortable for your little one. The pouch collapses as your baby drinks, squeezing out the air that causes gas and colic, which I found to be a helpful feature.

The bottles are composed of silicone, which makes them one of the best plastic free baby bottles. The silicone material not only ensures toxin-free feeding but is also easy to clean due to its high resistance to heat. 

However, the collapsible pouch could be challenging, especially in a hurry. Additionally, the bottle’s exterior shell is plastic, which might not align with some parents’ desire for a fully plastic-free bottle.

In conclusion, the Boon NURSH Reusable Silicone Baby Bottles offer a novel approach to preventing gas and colic during feeding. Despite some minor drawbacks, they are a valuable addition to your baby care essentials, particularly for parents seeking to reduce the use of plastic in their baby’s feeding routine.

Reasons to Buy

  • The collapsible pouch design prevents air ingestion.
  • Easy to clean and heat-resistant.

Reasons to Avoid

  • A collapsible pouch may be challenging to manage.
  • Plastic exterior shells may not be ideal for some parents.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Soft Feel Silicone Baby Bottles


The Tommee Tippee Silicone Baby Bottles are designed to mimic the natural feel and movement of a mother’s breast; these bottles make transitioning between breast and bottle feeding smooth and comfortable. The bottles are composed of 100% soft and smooth silicone, ensuring the safety of your little one.

The anti-colic valve in these bottles effectively reduces air ingestion, resulting in less discomfort for your baby during feeding times. They are also easy to clean due to their wide neck and the fact that they are dishwasher-safe. 

However, some parents may find the measurement markings on these bottles hard to read, and the soft silicone, while comfortable and natural-feeling, can be a bit wobbly when the bottle is not filled.

In conclusion, Tommee Tippee BPA-free Baby Bottles are a strong contender for the best plastic-free baby bottles. Despite minor drawbacks, their design and material focus on providing a comfortable and safe feeding experience, making them an excellent addition to your baby care essentials.

Reasons to Buy

  • Anti-colic valve reduces air ingestion.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Measurement markings can be difficult to read.
  • The soft silicone can be wobbly when the bottle is not filled.

Baby Bottle Accessory Recommendations

OXO Tot Space Saving Drying Rack


The OXO Tot Space Saving Drying Rack is a highly recommended accessory for those using non-toxic baby bottles. Its compact design makes it perfect for kitchens with limited countertop space. This drying rack can efficiently hold up to six large bottles, along with their components like nipples and collars, thanks to its elevated, vertical design. 

It also features an adjustable drain tray that positions it in any orientation for optimal water drainage. However, some parents might find attaching and detaching bottle components on the rack slightly time-consuming. Unlike other models, it does not feature a dedicated space for pacifiers or other small items.

In conclusion, the OXO Tot Space Saving Drying Rack is an excellent solution for drying your plastic-free baby bottles efficiently and hygienically. Despite minor drawbacks, its space-saving design and large capacity make it a worthy addition to your kitchen.

OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner and Stand 


The OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner and Stand is an essential cleaning tool for parents using non-toxic baby bottles. Designed with two types of bristles for gentle cleaning and serious scrubbing, it effectively cleans every nook and cranny of your baby’s bottle. The brush features a flexible neck for easy reach within bottles of multiple shapes and sizes.

Its soft, non-slip handle provides a comfortable grip even when wet, preventing slips and mishandling. The brush also features a silicone nipple cleaner that’s neatly tucked inside the handle for cleaning hard-to-reach areas like the bottle nipple and collar. The included stand keeps the brush upright and away from bacteria on surfaces for hygienic drying and storage.

In conclusion, the OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner and Stand is a comprehensive cleaning solution for your best non-toxic baby bottles. Despite minor downsides, its functionality, ease of use, and thoughtfully designed features make it an excellent choice for ensuring your baby bottles are clean and safe.

Conclusion: The best non toxic baby bottle

We hope this guide has helped you understand the importance of choosing a non-toxic baby bottle and provided some helpful recommendations. Remember, what works best for one baby may not work for another, so don’t get discouraged if your first choice doesn’t work out. Keep trying different options until you find the perfect fit for your little one. And always prioritize the safety and health of your baby by choosing non-toxic materials. 

Parents Also Ask 

Are silicone baby bottles safe?

Silicone baby bottles are generally considered safe as they are free from harmful chemicals like BPA, PVC, and phthalates. They are heat-resistant, making them suitable for sterilization and warm feeds. However, it’s essential to ensure they are 100% food-grade silicone for safety.

How do I know if my Avent bottles are BPA-free?

To confirm if your Avent bottles are BPA-free, check the product packaging or the bottom of the bottle for a label or symbol indicating they are ‘BPA-free’.

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