The Best Formula For Colic Babies (2024) Reviewed

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Every mother’s top priority is the happiness and health of their baby. Unfortunately, some babies suffer from colic, which can cause inconsolable tears that last hours—leaving parents feeling disempowered and overwhelmed. Parents need to choose the best formula for colic infants and provide comforting nourishment for soothing their tummy troubles!

What is Colic, its Symptoms, and the need for the Best formula for breastfed babies?

Colic, a condition that affects some infants, is often characterized by frequent, prolonged, and intense crying or fussiness in an otherwise healthy baby. It typically starts within the first few weeks and can persist until your baby is three to four months old.

The cause of colic is associated with indigestion, trapped gas, or an underdeveloped digestive system.


Symptoms of colic may include:

  • Episodes of crying, often in the late afternoon or evening. 
  • Clenched fists
  • Arched back
  • An inflamed or distended stomach. 

Although colic can be distressing for both parents and baby, it’s a normal part of infant development. It typically resolves on its own as the baby grows.

Dietary Changes That Help Relieve Colic

Making dietary changes, particularly in the choice of formula, can significantly alleviate colic symptoms in babies. It’s hypothesized that specific proteins in cow’s milk-based formulas could aggravate colic in some infants. Switching to a hypoallergenic or lactose-free formula could help ease colic symptoms.

Such formula is designed explicitly for colic relief, often including probiotics or particular proteins easily digestible by infants. According to studies, it has been suggested that colicky babies experience a reduction in crying time by consuming probiotics, specifically Lactobacillus reuteri.

Furthermore, while altering your baby’s formula can help, it’s crucial to consider feeding techniques. Feeding your baby upright, burping them regularly, and offering smaller, more frequent meals can also help manage colic.

Probiotic Supplements: A Vital Solution for Colicky Infants

A baby formula that contains a probiotic supplement can assist in restoring gut flora balance, simplify food digestion in infants, release gas, and reduce any discomfort and pain associated with colic and reflux.

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The best formula for colic babies Reviewed

With the best baby formula for colic and gassy, you can help soothe your baby’s discomfort and bring back the smiles and giggles every parent longs to see.

Gerber Good Start Baby Formula Powder (The best plant-based baby formula)


Gerber Good Start Baby Formula Powder, Gentle Soy, is a top-rated plant-based formula designed specifically for babies with sensitive tummies experiencing colic. As a soy-based formula, it’s lactose-free, decreasing the risk of digestive discomfort associated with lactose intolerance.

This best formula for colic and reflux stands out for being non-GMO, reassuring parents about the safety and quality of the ingredients used. The Stage 1 formula is fortified with essential nutrients, including DHA for brain and eye development, and also includes a comfort protein blend, easing digestion and reducing fussiness and gas.

Due to the formula’s smooth texture and mild flavour, babies have readily accepted it. Therefore, it makes breastfeeding times more manageable. 

At 20 ounces per pack, this best formula for colic offers substantial quantity, providing good value for money. The packaging is durable and user-friendly, with straightforward instructions that ensure proper preparation.

Reasons to Buy

  • Ideal for babies with lactose intolerance
  • Reducing the likelihood of digestive discomfort.
  • Free from genetically modified organisms
  • Easily digestible and comfortable for consumption.
  • Effective for Colic
  • Widely Accepted Taste and Texture

Reasons to Avoid

  • Highly-priced
  • As a specialized product, there could be occasional issues with availability, particularly in smaller markets or rural areas.

Enfamil Gentlease Baby Formula (best formula milk for baby 0-6 months to gain weight)


Enfamil Gentlease Baby Formula provides balanced nutrition and gentle comfort for your baby. Explicitly designed to ease fussiness, gas, crying, and spit-up within a mere 24 hours, it gives immediate relief, making it an ideal choice for colic-afflicted babies.

It boasts essential nutrients like DHA and Choline, which actively support brain development, ensuring your baby’s cognitive growth isn’t compromised while you combat colic. Like breast milk, this best formula milk for babies to gain weight is easily digestible and gentle on the stomach. Therefore, you can quickly shift your infant from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding.


The formula’s value powder can size 27.7 Oz, which offers excellent value for money considering its superior quality and effectiveness. Preparing the formula is a breeze, with clear instructions that are easy to follow.

In my experience, Enfamil Gentlease Baby Formula genuinely delivers on its promises. It alleviated my baby’s colic symptoms, bringing a sense of peace back to our household. I noticed visible improvements in my baby’s overall mood and sleep patterns due to the relief of colic discomfort.

Reasons to Buy

  • Quick Relief from Colic Symptoms within 24 hours
  • High Nutritional Value for brain development
  • Improved Digestibility
  • It closely resembles the composition of breast milk
  • Cost-effective choice for parents.
  • Easy Preparation

Reasons to Avoid

  • The baby may not initially like the taste
  • Some parents have reported issues with the powder clumping together during preparation.

Similac Alimentum with 2’-FL HMO Hypoallergenic Infant Formula (Best baby formula for breastfed babies)


Similac Alimentum with 2′-FL HMO Hypoallergenic Infant Formula has been a lifesaver for parents dealing with babies with food allergies, gas, colic, and lactose sensitivity. This specialized formula, designed for infants who cannot tolerate ordinary milk-based formulas, has effectively reduced discomfort and allergy symptoms.

Similac for colic features the inclusion of 2′-FL HMO, a prebiotic previously only found in breast milk. This aids in developing the baby’s immune system, contributing to overall health. Additionally, because it is hypoallergenic, it is an ideal option for infants with delicate skin since it reduces the chance of allergic reactions.

This formula is highly valued for its fast response time. Parents have noticed significant improvements in colic symptoms, such as less crying and less gas, within 24 hours of transition. This results in happier babies and relieved parents.

The formula is also suitable for lactose-sensitive babies, an advantage that sets it apart. However, as with any formula, the taste might require some getting used to for the baby.

Regarding packaging, the 12.1-oz value can is practical, and its pack of 6 ensures you’re stocked up. Preparation instructions are straightforward, helping first-time parents easily navigate this new task.

Reasons to Buy

  • Contains 2′-FL HMO
  • Designed for Sensitive Babies with colic, food allergies, and lactose 
  • Quick Response Time within 24 hours of transitioning to this formula.
  • Practical Packaging
  • Includes clear preparation instructions

Reasons to Avoid

  • Some parents may find the price of this specialized formula a little higher than standard formulas.

Enfamil Nutramigen Infant Formula (Best formula milk for baby 0-6 months)


Enfamil for colic is another trusted choice for parents seeking fast relief from severe crying and colic symptoms in babies 0-6 months. Its composition is hypoallergenic and free of lactose. This infant formula for colic is designed to minimize potential allergies and digestive discomfort.

The formula’s key feature is the inclusion of Enflora LGG, a probiotic that promotes digestive health and supports the immune system. It ensures that, along with addressing immediate colic symptoms, the formula contributes to your baby’s long-term health.

Parents have reported significant reductions in colic symptoms within 48 hours of transitioning to this formula. This formula’s rapid response time and high nutritional value comfort the baby and parents, making it a highly recommended choice.

Despite its many benefits, some babies may initially resist the taste of this best formula for colic, given its hypoallergenic nature. However, most babies do adapt to the taste over time.

The Enfamil colic formula comes in a 19.8 Oz powder can, which is easy to handle and store. The preparation instructions are clearly outlined, assisting even first-time parents.

Reasons to Buy

  • Hypoallergenic and Lactose-Free 
  • Addition of Enflora LGG strengthens the immune system 
  • Rapid Response Time
  • Convenient Packaging, making it practical for daily use.
  • Clear preparation instructions are provided

Reasons to Avoid

  • Some babies may initially resist the taste
  • Some parents may find the cost higher compared to standard formulas.

Mama Bear Advantage Baby Formula Powder with Iron(Best budget baby formula)


Amazon’s Mama Bear Advantage Baby Formula Powder with Iron offers an economical yet effective solution for parents navigating the challenges of colic and reflux. 

It contains 2′-FL HMO, a probiotic in breast milk that strengthens the baby’s immune system. The addition of iron ensures proper development for the baby, making this formula a complete nutritional solution.

Parents have praised the formula for its positive impact on gas and colic symptoms, noting a noticeable reduction in gas and fussiness. The formula is easily digestible, making it less likely to upset sensitive tummies or exacerbate colic symptoms.


However, some babies may initially find the taste a bit unfamiliar, but with regular feedings, they usually adapt. Packaged in a practical 23.2-ounce can, it’s easy to store and handle, making preparation hassle-free.

Reasons to Buy

  • Affordable 
  • Contains 2′-FL HMO and Iron

Reasons to Avoid

  • While practical, the packaging may not feel as premium as other brands.

Aptamil Stage 1 (Best baby formula for Constipation and colic)


Aptamil Stage 1 is a highly revered infant formula, touted as the No. 1 choice in Europe, and for good reason. This milk-based powder formula is fortified with DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), an essential fatty acid that supports the baby’s brain and eye development.

Moreover, it includes Omega 3 and prebiotics, two key ingredients that foster healthy infant digestion. This best baby formula for colic provides all the benefits of natural breast milk.

Parents have noted that this best baby formula for breastfed babies mixes easily without leaving clumps, a testament to its high quality. Its creamy consistency and mild taste are well accepted by most breastfed babies, making feeding times fuss-free. 

While its cost is higher than some other brands, the price is justified considering its exceptional quality and the broad spectrum of nutritional benefits it offers. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Contains DHA, Omega 3, and prebiotics 
  • Easy Mix 
  • Babies will accept a mild taste.
  • Effective for Colic and reflux

Reasons to Avoid

  • Although the formula may be more expensive than other brands, its superior quality justifies the price.
  • As it’s a European brand, there may be some difficulties with availability in other regions.

Mama Bear Sensitivity Baby Formula Powder with Iron (Best baby formula for preemies)


Mama Bear Sensitivity Baby Formula Powder with Iron is an efficient and budget-friendly solution for parents navigating colic symptoms in their infants. 

This Best formula milk for newborns boasts a reduced lactose content, making it ideal for babies with sensitive digestive systems. It also includes 2′-FL HMO, which helps boost the baby’s digestive system. The formula’s iron fortification ensures proper development and growth.

Parents have appreciated the formula’s effectiveness in alleviating colic symptoms, highlighting visible reductions in gas and discomfort. The Best baby formula for preemies is easily digestible, reducing the likelihood of upsetting sensitive tummies. 

Some babies might need a little time to adjust to the taste, but most adapt with regular feedings. It comes in a convenient packaging of a 22.5-ounce can, and the Best budget baby formula is easy to store and handle, making preparation hassle-free.

Reasons to Buy

  • Reduced Lactose
  • Components boost the baby’s immunity 
  • The formula provides substantial benefits without straining the family budget.
  • Alleviates Colic Symptoms

Reasons to Avoid

  • Some babies may need time to adapt to the new taste.
infant-formula-for -colic

Buying Guide for Best Formula for Colic Babies

Choosing the best baby formula in the world for your colicky baby can be daunting. Here are vital factors to consider when selecting the best formula for colic babies:

Low Lactose or Lactose-Free

Babies with colic often have a sensitive digestive system. Opt for a formula with reduced lactose or lactose-free to decrease the risk of digestive discomfort. For example, Mama Bear Sensitivity Baby Formula Powder with Iron is lactose-reduced, while Gerber Good Start Baby Formula Powder, Gentle Soy, is lactose-free.

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Nutrient Fortified

When choosing a formula, prioritize those with essential nutrients like DHA for brain and eye development. Ensuring your baby’s diet includes iron fortification is crucial for their proper growth and development.


Opt for a formula free from genetically modified organisms to ensure the safety and quality of ingredients.

Taste and Texture

Take into account the flavor and consistency of the formula. Some babies may need time to adjust to their liking, while others readily accept mild flavors. Having a smooth texture is crucial for facilitating effortless digestion.

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Price and Value

Keep the formula’s quality and effectiveness intact when considering the cost.


The formula packaging should be practical and easy to use, with clear instructions ensuring correct preparation. The item must be durable enough to uphold the product’s quality.

Conclusion: Best formula for colic babies

In conclusion, finding the best formula for babies with gas and reflux can be overwhelming. However, with proper guidance, it becomes significantly simpler. Formulas like Gerber Good Start Baby Formula Powder and Gentle Soy, which are plant-based, lactose-free, non-GMO, and fortified with essential nutrients, can relieve colic symptoms while ensuring proper nourishment. 

It’s recommended for its taste and texture, which are generally well-accepted by babies. Despite a slightly higher cost and occasional availability issues, it offers substantial value and is an excellent choice for babies suffering from gas and reflux. 

Ways to Calm a Crying Baby Quickly and Effectively

Calming a crying baby quickly and effectively often requires a combination of tried-and-true strategies tailored to your baby’s unique needs. Here are some methods that can help soothe your little one:

  1. Offer a Pacifier: Sucking on a pacifier can provide a calming effect for some babies. If your baby rejects it, try offering it again when they’re more settled.
  2. Use White Noise: The sound of a fan, a white noise machine, or even the hum of a vacuum can be soothing to babies, as it resembles the noises heard in the womb.
  3. Rocking and Swinging: Gentle, rhythmic movements can have a soothing effect on babies. Try rocking your baby in your arms, using a baby swing, or driving in the car.
  4. Massage: Gentle infant massage can help to soothe a fussy baby. Use a baby-safe oil and gently work your hands in a circular motion on your baby’s tummy, back, and limbs.
  5. Swaddle: As mentioned earlier, swaddling can recreate the cozy feeling of the womb and help soothe a colicky baby. Remember to balance the snugness and avoid overheating.

Working Out the Right Amount of Swaddling for Your Baby

Swaddling is a proven method to soothe colicky babies and provide them comfort and security. The snug wrap mimics the comfortable and secure womb environment, relieving a fussy baby. It is important to maintain a balance while swaddling your baby.

Over-swaddling can lead to overheating, a risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), while too loose a wrap might end up covering the baby’s face, posing a suffocation risk. Here are a few tips to ensure you’re swaddling your baby safely and effectively:

  1. Choose the Right Material: Opt for a light, breathable fabric like cotton to prevent overheating. Avoid thick or quilted materials, especially in warmer weather.
  2. Mind the Tightness: The swaddle should be snug but not too tight. You should be able to fit two fingers between the baby’s chest and the swaddle.
  3. Keep Baby’s Feet Free: Ensure the baby’s legs can bend up and out at the hips. Swaddling too tightly in a straight position can lead to hip problems.
  4. Monitor Baby’s Temperature: Check the baby’s temperature regularly to ensure they’re not overheating. Some common signs of overheating are excessive sweating, damp hair, and a heat rash.

Parents Also Ask

Do colic babies need special formula?

Colic babies may require a special formula to ease digestion and reduce fussiness. Specialty formulas may contain reduced or eliminated lactose, provide comfort proteins for easy digestion, and be fortified with DHA for brain and eye development.

Which bottle is best for colic?

Specialty bottles that reduce air intake, such as Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Original Bottle or Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Anti-Colic Bottle, are excellent for colic babies. These bottles feature an internal vent that helps minimize the air your baby takes in while drinking, reducing the risk of gas and reflux.

Is gripe water good for colic?

Gripe water is generally safe and effective for soothing an upset stomach and relieving gas pain caused by colic. 

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