How to Wash Baby Hair without Getting Water in Eyes?

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As parents, we want our little ones to look clean and presentable. However, washing a baby’s hair can seem daunting, with the potential for water to get in their eyes. Fortunately, there are ways to make this process more manageable so that you and your baby remain calm during bath time. Let’s explore how to wash baby hair without getting water in the eyes.

When to Wash Newborn Hair For The First Time?

Babies do not need to have their hair washed as often as adults. Give your little one the royal treatment – wait until their umbilical cord has healed before introducing them to shampoo and bubbles! Usually, this happens 1-3 weeks post-delivery. Have patience in those first few days of parenthood as baby bonding should start without a surprise bath!

How to wash baby hair without getting water in eyes?

Once your baby’s umbilical cord is healed and it is time to wash their hair, it is essential to take the proper precautions to avoid getting water in their eyes.  Start by placing a folded towel over their forehead and gently tilt their head backward. It will help prevent water from running down into their face when washing.

Use a mild shampoo free of sulfates, parabens, and other harsh chemicals. Wet their hair with lukewarm water and massage the baby’s hair wash onto the scalp, careful not to get any soap in the baby’s eyes. Rinse off all of the shampoos with water and gently pat dry their hair with a towel.

Finish off by combing or brushing your child’s hair if necessary, and you’re all done! Washing an infant’s hair can be a daunting task. Still, with the proper preparation and step-by-step instructions, it can be a relatively easy and stress-free experience.

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So, let’s start with gathering all the things first

  • Towel
  • Tub or sink
  • Organic baby shampoo
  • Baby shower visor
  • Comb/brush
  • Hair clips (optional)
  • A soft washcloth or cotton balls (optional).

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Here are the steps to properly wash baby without getting water in their eyes:

Warm your hands

First, you must ensure your hands are warm before starting so you don’t shock your baby with cold water.

Fill the tub or sink.

Next, fill up a bathtub or sink with lukewarm water that is comfortable for your baby, ensuring the water level does not rise above their neck.

How is the tub helpful for bathing a newborn?

Using a baby bathtub makes bathing a newborn more accessible and less stressful. Since newborns are so tiny, using an infant tub allows them to lay comfortably while you bathe them without the risk of slipping or sliding around. 

The infant seat is designed with sides high enough to keep your baby safe and secure while bathing. The seat also offers a reclining feature, which helps to support the baby’s head and neck during washing. 

Also, built-in draining systems make it easier to empty the tub after use. Some infant tubs even come with built-in thermometers to ensure the water is at a comfortable temperature for your baby. These features make it easier to bathe your newborn while keeping them safe and comfortable.


Prepare the area.

Place a towel on the floor or edge of the tub to avoid any mess. You may also want to put a washcloth over your baby’s forehead to catch any water splashing back.

Wet baby’s hair

Before wetting your baby’s hair with a soft washcloth or cotton balls, it is best to learn how to wash hair without getting water in the eyes and ears. 

Positioning is Key for washing newborn baby hair. 

The best way to avoid getting water in your newborn baby’s eyes is by positioning them correctly during bath time. You want their head tilted slightly backward and their face facing the ceiling while washing their hair. 

It helps ensure that drip-down droplets will not go directly into your little one’s eyes. Make your bath time safe and cozy with specially designed baby tubs that provide no splashes to reach their delicate face.

Using Accessories

One of the most effective and accessible methods is to use accessories such as a baby shower visor. These are designed to keep water away from your little one’s face while they get thorough hair washing. Furthermore, they come in many different sizes, making them perfect for babies of all ages. 

The best baby shower cap for keeping water out of the eyes

A shower cap can be an excellent solution when washing toddler’s hair without getting water in their eyes. Protect your little one from the dreaded bath-time ‘soaking’ with a snug baby shower cap. The perfect fit helps to keep soapy water out of their eyes and ears, making washtime much more pleasant for everyone!

Look for a shower cap made of soft and flexible materials to ensure your baby is comfortable during the bath. Additionally, look for a design wide enough to cover the entire head, with adjustable straps that can be tightened. Many baby shower caps also feature a chin strap for added security.

Skip Hop Baby Shower Cap Shield

It is ideal to wash baby’s hair without getting water in their eyes. Eye protection is tailored to fit any babe – no matter their age! Keep your little one’s peepers safe with this shield for infants and toddlers to prevent eye infections.

To use the eye shield, attach it to your baby’s forehead with the comfortable headband, and ensure a tight seal around the eyes. Once secure, you can gently massage the shampoo without worrying about it getting into their eyes. After shampooing, use a soft cloth to remove residual product from the shield and rinse with warm water.

When using this method, ensure you have extra towels on hand for when your child gets out of the bathtub since their head may be wetter than usual due to the cap or visor keeping the suds away from their eyes.

Use a mild baby organic shampoo.

Squeeze a small amount of shampoo into your hand and massage it onto your baby’s scalp using your fingertips. Avoid getting too close to the eyes. To wash a baby’s scalp and hair, use a special shampoo and conditioner made for babies that are mild, organic, and free from artificial fragrances.

Things to avoid when buying baby body wash

When buying baby shampoo and body wash, it’s essential to check the ingredients carefully. Avoid those containing sulfates, harsh chemicals that irritate your baby’s delicate skin. Look for those made with natural ingredients, such as chamomile or oatmeal extract, which are gentle on hair afterward. 

Additionally, shampoos that contain artificial fragrances or colors may irritate the skin and eyes. Finally, look for tear-free shampoos, as this will help to avoid getting water in your baby’s eyes while washing their hair. With these tips, you can find the perfect one for your little one that won’t irritate their skin or eyes.

Rinse thoroughly.

Start slowly when rinsing off your child’s shampoo and conditioner, check the temperature of the water with your elbow. You don’t need to rush this part!

Use a cup or soft washcloth for thoroughly rinsing shampoo and any soap residue from the hair around the head. Make sure you keep an eye also monitor this process; if your baby is squirming or fussing, take a break and try again later when they are more relaxed. 

It will help to avoid accidents due to sudden movements caused by fear or discomfort. Remember that safety should always come first at hair-washing time! 

Comb/brush hair.

Once their hair is clean, comb or brush, remove any tangles or knots. You can use a few hair clips to keep their hair out of their eyes.

Dry with a towel.

Next, wrap a soft towel around your child’s head and gently pat its hair until it dries.

Trim or style

If desired, you can trim or style your child’s hair. And you’re done! These simple steps will help to make your baby’s hairwashing process stress-free and safe by preventing any water from entering their eyes.

Washing baby hair while sitting up (Best way to wash toddler hair)

When washing your 1-year-old hair, you want to avoid getting shampoo in their ears or eyes. One best way to wash toddlers’ hair is while they are sitting up.

How to wash baby hair sitting up?

  • Place a towel around your baby’s shoulders to catch any stray water. 
  • You can use shampoo eye shield.
  • Next, in a small bowl with warm water, add a small amount of shampoo or mild liquid soap. 
  • Dip a washcloth or soft baby brush into the water and gently rub it across your baby’s scalp to remove dirt, oils, and cradle cap. 
  • Once your baby’s scalp is clean and free from any debris, use a cup to pour water over your baby’s head gently. 
  • Try to avoid pouring the water directly onto your baby’s face, but make sure that their entire head is wet. It helps you control the pressure and volume of water when using the shampoo or soap from your baby’s hair in the same manner, ensuring that any suds are removed.
  • Also, rinse the cloth or brush in warm water as needed.
  • Finally, use a soft towel to dry your baby’s hair, and wipe away any soap residue around the eyes or ears. It will help keep your baby’s eyes and skin healthy.
  • Do not rub their hair too vigorously, which can be uncomfortable and cause tangles. Instead, wrap the towel around your baby’s head and gently pat their hair until it is dry.

Following these steps will help you wash your toddler’s hair while they are sitting up and minimize the chance of getting soap in baby’s eyes and ears. With some practice, you can rinse your baby’s hair quickly and safely without getting water in their eyes.

How to get shampoo out of the eye?

Getting shampoo out of the eyes can be a tricky experience for both adults and babies. The first step is to flush the eyes with plenty of clean water. It will rinse any shampoo in the eyes of a baby or toddler and help reduce irritation. 

Once done, use a mild, tear-free shampoo specifically designed for babies. So, your little one eyes are protected from the eyes from stinging when washing the hair.

Rinse thoroughly, as any remaining shampoo can cause further eye irritation and discomfort for your baby. Finally, gently dry the eyes with a soft towel or cloth. If you follow these steps, you should be able to successfully wash your baby’s hair without getting shampoo in their eyes.


Bathing your baby can be intimidating, but with these hair washing tips and tricks, it doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful anymore! Accessories such as shower caps and visors can help keep water away from delicate faces while positioning them correctly helps too! 

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