How To Use Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer? Best Guide

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Are you a first-time parent trying to figure out how to use Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer for your little one’s bottles? Don’t worry – it’s easier than it looks! 

With just a few valuable tips, you can have a perfectly warmed bottle ready in no time for your hungry baby. Here is a complete guide to all the steps of setting up and using your Bottle Warmer safely and effectively. 

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Why you should use a Baby Brezza bottle warmer?

The Baby Brezza bottle warmer is a game-changer for new moms because it simplifies warming milk to a perfect temperature. Its intuitive design and advanced features ensure that milk is heated evenly, avoiding hot spots that could potentially harm the baby. 

Additionally, it accommodates various bottle sizes and types, providing versatility for families using different feeding systems. Its speed and efficiency save time, which is precious for new moms. 


The Baby Brezza bottle warmer ultimately brings convenience, safety, and ease to the often hectic routine of caring for a newborn. However, I’m using Baby Brezza Instant Warmer to make formula milk for my little one and have experienced a streamlined baby milk preparation process. 

This Instant Warmer takes the guesswork out of preparing baby milk by dispensing warm water on demand 24-7 and maintains a desired temperature throughout the day and night. This means less waiting for the water to warm up and more time for other important tasks. 

Providing consistent heating eliminates the risk of the milk being too cold or too hot for the baby. Moreover, it is designed to work with all formula brands and all bottle types, adding to its utility. 

Some additional benefits of using the Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer for breast milk that’s why I recommend it:

  • The ‘STEADY WARM’ setting uses warm water to gently heat breast milk, mimicking the natural warming process of a mother’s body. This helps preserve the nutrients and antibodies in breast milk, ensuring your baby receives all the health benefits.
  • The device’s adjustable timer and temperature settings allow for precise customization, making it ideal for handling different volumes and types of breast milk.
  • When using the Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer app, parents can remotely control and monitor the warming process, ensuring that breast milk is warmed to the perfect temperature for their baby. This feature comes in handy for busy parents who may only sometimes be physically present at home during feeding times. So, it helps maintain nutrients while also providing convenience for parents.

How to use Baby Brezza bottle warmer?

Before learning how to use a Baby Brezza bottle warmer, parents must be aware of all the parts, functions, and Baby Brezza bottle warmer instructions.

Components of the Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer

Heating Base: The heart of the Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer is its heating base. This component uses advanced technology to warm your baby’s milk to the perfect temperature consistently. Precise sensors within the heating base monitor the temperature of the milk, ensuring it never gets too hot and risks harming your baby.

Bottle tray: The bottle tray is where you place your baby’s bottle for warming. It can accommodate various bottle sizes and types, making it suitable for all feeding systems.

Water Reservoir: This component stores the warm water dispensed to heat your baby’s milk. It can hold up to 50 oz of water, reducing the need for constant refills.

Control Panel: The Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer has intuitive controls and various settings that allow you to adjust the warming per your baby’s preference. This includes an adjustable timer, temperature settings, and a defrost setting for milk or formula stored in the freezer.

Water Tank Lid: This lid covers the reservoir and ensures no dust or dirt enters the device.

Measuring Cup: The Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer has a measuring cup for easy and accurate water measurements when refilling the reservoir.

Heating chamber window: The heating chamber window is where you can monitor the warming process and check on the progress of your baby’s milk.

Bottle warmer cover: The bottle warmer cover covers the heating chamber and helps maintain a consistent temperature throughout the warming process.

Bottle Holder: The unit comes with a bottle holder designed to accommodate various bottle sizes and types. Whether using a small, wide-neck or a large, narrow-neck bottle, the Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer can handle it.

Defrost Tray: A defrost tray feature is also provided in the unit. It is particularly useful when you warm up frozen milk or formula quickly and safely.

Each Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer component has been designed with the utmost convenience, safety, and efficiency in mind. It’s clear why this unit is such a valuable tool for me and any parent.

Step-by-step guide to using a Bottle warmer

Let’s move to a complete guide on how to use the baby Brezza bottle warmer.

Filling the Water Reservoir

Detach the water reservoir from the unit, fill it with the required water, and reattach it.

Setting up the Bottle 

Place the baby bottle filled with milk in the heating compartment. Ensure that the bottle fits snugly to enable efficient heat transfer.

Setting the Controls 

Adjust the timer and temperature settings depending on the amount and initial temperature of the milk. The user manual provides a chart for reference.

Understanding and Setting the Temperature Controls 

With multiple Baby Brezza water warmer temperature settings. You could select the ‘STEADY WARM’ option, which uses warm water to safely heat the milk and maintain its nutrients, which is ideal for breast milk. 

On the other hand, the ‘QUICK WARM’ option uses steam heat to rapidly warm formula and baby food. Adjust the temperature setting to align with the type of milk (formula or breast milk) and the bottle size. 

The warmer’s default temperature settings are 98°F (37°C) for the ‘STEADY WARM’ and 158°F (70°C) for the ‘QUICK WARM’. However, the temperature can be adjusted according to your baby’s preference or doctor’s advice. Let the milk warm for the preset time, and allow a few minutes for the heat to distribute evenly.

Starting the Warming Process 

Once the settings are appropriately adjusted, start the warming process by pressing the ‘Start’ button. The device will heat the milk to the set temperature within the specified time.

Safety Measures 

Do not touch the heating base during or immediately after the warming process. Always carefully handle the warmed bottle, checking the milk temperature before feeding your baby.

The Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer, with its user-friendly design and reliable performance, makes bottle-feeding a breeze. The device ensures that every feeding experience is safe and satisfying for you and your precious little one.

Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer Settings with Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer App

In the age of smart devices, the Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer stays caught up. It comes with a companion app available for Android and iOS users. This app provides a remote control option for the bottle warmer, allowing you to adjust the settings and start the warming process from your phone.

  • First, use this feature to ensure that your bottle warmer is connected to your home WiFi network. Then, download and install the Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer app from your device’s app store. Once the app is installed, you can pair it with your bottle warmer.
  • The app interface is intuitive and user-friendly. It mirrors the physical control panel on the device, offering options such as ‘STEADY WARM,’ ‘QUICK WARM,’ and a custom temperature setting. You can select the size of the bottle and the type of milk from the app, and it will calculate the necessary warming time for you.
  • If you want to start the warming process remotely, select the appropriate app settings and hit the ‘Start’ button. The app also provides a real-time countdown timer to monitor the warming process.

The Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer app is an excellent addition to the device, enhancing its convenience and ease of use. It ensures that you have control over your baby’s feeding schedule, even when you are not physically next to the bottle warmer.

Conclusion: Baby Brezza bottle warmer instructions

The Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer is a versatile and efficient device designed with a keen eye for safety and ease of use. This innovative device offers distinctive features that ensure a seamless bottle-feeding experience for me.

Following the Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer manual instructions regarding filling and refilling the water reservoir to ensure optimal performance and safety is important. Adding too much or too little water can affect the warming process and potentially damage the device. 

So, add the appropriate amount of water before starting the warming process to ensure safe and efficient heating. Instead of tap water, always use distilled or filtered water to prevent mineral buildup in the warmer’s reservoir.

The device also houses a control panel with an adjustable timer and temperature settings. This allows parents to personalize the warming process to suit their baby’s preferences. 

A clear step-by-step guide, from filling the water reservoir to setting up the bottle and adjusting the controls, provides ease of use even for first-time parents. 

Parents Also Ask

How long does a Baby Brezza bottle warmer take to heat up?

The Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer offers swift and efficient heating, typically taking about 3-5 minutes to heat a milk bottle under the ‘QUICK WARM’ setting. However, the exact warming time may vary depending on the initial temperature and volume of milk and the selected warming setting. The companion app offers a real-time countdown timer, enabling parents to monitor the warming process precisely.

Do you add water to the Baby Brezza bottle warmer?

Yes, the Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer requires adding water to its reservoir for proper functioning. The amount of water needed will vary depending on the size and bottle type.

Is Baby Brezza bottle warmer good for breast milk?

Yes, the Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer is excellent for breast milk. Its ‘STEADY WARM’ setting uses warm water to safely and gently heat breast milk without compromising its nutrients.

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